“The Love That Got Away” by Jabari Wells

Before you read this short romance story, I would like all the readers to think back to a time, or a moment, or even an instance, where for a brief moment in your life-that you loved something so much that you would give up anything to have it, her, him, she whatever it may be. A person or an animal a molecule whatever that is near and dear to you. When i started to think about a love story to write about, I thought a non-fictional romance-one that I personally lived through and am currently living through. Once upon a time, when I met Lydia, it was something that felt weird at first, something typical you can say. She was a girl a grade under me who was cute and I was a senior heading off to start life next year. We sat in the same company area at our military school: she at one table with the new kids; me at the other with my boys, facing each other. We often met eyes in the beginning days, but after that first week of school, it was as if we was on a set timer that if you counted to 10, our eyes would somehow always meet again without any doubt and for 3 minutes we would observe each other and not a second longer until another count of 10. It felt like life would stop moving when our eyes connected, and for a short length in time we were the only two people in the universe. Being a straight-forward person, I had to act. When classes started Monday, and I walked into Spanish class, I saw an empty seat and her sitting right beside it, I thought it was maybe something true but I didn’t know yet or what to say or do. As class went by and that 10 count came about and made our eyes connect I thought what do I do. The first words spoken to her was, “sucks being the only girl in the class right?” With a response so plain I remember it distinctly, the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen still till this day, she replied with a grin, “I know right?”. Thinking of ways to talk her, I offered to hold her book to a class right down the hall. As time went by we both started to be first to Spanish class so our conversations could continue with the feeling of her liking me more and more I muscled up some heart and on October 7, 2013, we started going out. In football season, she came to all the home games and somehow found a way to also go to the away games too, cheering and showing love and support for me. I know this sounds like another high school thing, but after our first anniversary everything would change for forever. The day I brought her flowers for our one month anniversary was the first time she ever said she loved me. With lust and immaturity in the air, we whip up a plan where she would come over to my room and soon that decision would haunt us for forever. We both loved each other so why stop there? When she came over, November 22, 2013 we had sex and that was the day of conception. Soaring high in the sky if you looked up you could see me and her sitting on a cloud loving each other and that’s how it was, because when you board at school and have a boo to your life is complete. Its liked you’ve moved in already and brought out the lease. Just Lydia Kang and me. No the last name wasn’t unique either it fits her culture. Me a black kid from broken up street and hard times and poverty and her a Korean girl from Staten Island New York with a loving mom and dad and a sister in which she’s the reason why we meet because when you’re the ugly duckling you’ll do anything to compete. My story was different. A free ride, living on campus playing sports, with an all you can eat brought me there but our lives collided and with her being pregnant and not knowing what life has to bring we both was scared. Both using google as if it was a person who could talk and tells us the answers but by all means the results could never be reached. A million questions and no answer only meeting her parents once introduced as a friend because of the color of my skin, we reached out for help and an English teacher steps in. Now, here we are in the middle of December a baby forming inside her and no help but a teacher so she tells her father a month later on January 7th 2014. I remember this anniversary because we argued all day and night 3 months in and here a lover and friend being disowned by her family because of me being reminded of why she’s the ugly duckling and me being left voice mails that would remind you of civil right times. Being called outside my name if I was still a slave and for what we asked ourselves? “Our love” was the response. Having talks about will we keep it or do an ungodly thing we made our decision, and in mid- January she got an abortion.
Life after that changed with no one but the English teacher and our parents and guardian knowing life carried on. Going back to school wasn’t really cool and with basketball season picking up I had to stay focus which was hard when the family banished us from seeing each other when we still lived on campus. We still had that same Spanish class, still road on the same bus in the same seat with me as the player and her the score keeper for entire ball season and still had love for each other so no matter the reason we would try to stay together without her family knowing. It felt like the modern day Romeo and Juliet because we were willing to risk it all. Her family found out a few times that I was still close, and threatened to take her out of school, but it was too late by then so she stayed and so did I, keeping our love a secret instead of her coming to my room I went to her’s ever Tuesday for the whole year. With the risk of getting caught and kicked out of school but it didn’t matter because our love was something that was true. Remember in the beginning I said to think of something that you are willing to give up everything for she was it. Lydia Kang born February 20th 1995 which is ironic because I never do contest as a poet myself but the first writing i decided to do is supposed to be due on her birthday. As the year went by, school was close to the end, but our love wasn’t and after an argument a kiss and make up was in session. With it being a Tuesday it was set just one week before graduation which was June 7th 2014. I went to her room and ended getting caught. I was kicked out for good her just suspended. I didn’t graduate until the summer. For some reason or another I didn’t know what college I was going to and yet our love for each other still wasn’t over anytime soon. We talked through emails cause her family tried to push us apart but every third Sunday I would take 4 trains and a boat just to see her for a day when her parents worked late and she did the same for me commuting hours just to see each other with the fire still burning but slowly dying out I found Dodge City Community College. I was leaving just that week too, with arguments about everything that happened. All the pain that she went through, and me getting kicked out of school we didn’t know how to feel what to say or do. But I left, and we stayed together and life started to go by arguing more and more with our only communication through emails and calls plus me working overnights the end was near and I remember the exact night I was at work and on my break we was arguing and we said we both didn’t care and that one year never came just weak away.
The Story doesn’t end there though, because it’s still being lived this past break of 2014/2015 I went to my old school and guess who was still there with our eyes connecting time after I ask if we can sit down and talk and she wants to also and it made me think back for the first time it ever felt weird between me and her. After one thing led to another and she said “I still love you” as tears started to run from her face I can’t lie I said ” I still love you too” cause how can I not the mother of my supposed to be first child. The women who use to make me smile. The love just doesn’t, it’s still there hidden for no one to see but only me. As its time for me to leave there’s some questions that wasn’t answered that left me to think, as I kissed her cheek and whipped her tears I told her we don’t know what’s out there in life for us but don’t give up on me. Even though I currently have a girl that makes my world and understands me and my struggle. I still often always think about Lydia and I. Our song was “All of me, by John Legend, and since October 7th 2013 I’ve listened to the song 653942 times and counting on my iTunes. I guess that’s just how I grieve and keep her out of my mind but still close enough so where I can still dream about the day that she’s back to me. This is my current love life, but with a whole life to live who knows what can happen instead of to be continued its more like to be lived….. My Short Romance Story.


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