It’s Pinterest Project Workshop Time!!

We’ve had a lot of people asking when our next Pinterest Project Workshop will be and the time has finally arrived!! Clear your calendar for the evening of March 24th (that’s a Thursday) from 7 PM to 9 PM! We will be working in Room 114 of the LRC, so space is limited! If you are interested in participating, we will need to know and fees will need to be paid no later than 12:00 PM on Tuesday, March 22nd.

To sign up, you can call (ext. 287 or 620-227-9287), email, or sign up via our sign-up sheet which will be in our Makerspace located on the front landing of the Library.

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for . . .

The Projects!:

898aecc8899fb4105340911022153e7dSharpie Tie-Dye T-Shirts, $3.00

This project will require you to bring your own t-shirt, but we will take care of everything else! Traditional tie-dye is messy and unpredictable. Take control of your designs with colorful Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. You’ll never look at permanent markers the same way again!




0d5fd70074ea25d2f438ed4087782c60Watercolor Coffee Mugs, $5.00 

Do you have some old nail polish lying around, taking up space? So do we! And we’ve figured out the perfect use for it! Nail polish + water + a plain white coffee mug = a whole lot of fun and a beautiful conversation piece that will last through multiple hand-washings. Use our nail polish or bring your own for that unique personal touch. 



il_fullxfull.742053959_6kq8Spring Chick Wine Glass Candle Holders, $8.00 

Spring is just around the corner and we’ve found a cute way to celebrate with these festive candle holders! Similar to our Christmas wine glass candle holders, these are sure to become a season favorite at your holiday table. 











If you saw something you liked, be sure and sign up before the deadline! We’ll see you soon! 🙂






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